Hazards of working with resin – part one

Hey you!

Have you ever thought that handmade jewelry manufacturing comes with no harm?   Well, it doesn’t…


As I’m working right now with resin, I thought I would let you know a little bit more about the process that starts once the resin is cured into the shape I chose:   SANDING.   Sanding sounds a little boring, but harmless, right?    Truth is, while sanding wood is completely inocent, working with resin may result a little bit more dangerous.


I find resin beautiful, I can color it, shape it, wear it, watch it, etc; yet, it won’t lose its shine.   It has a strong scent while curing, but actually, the harmful part of the process is sanding.


Whether I work with sand paper, moto tool, or any sanding procedure, there is a really fine “dust” resulting. At first, it only bothered me to have it all over me, to illustrate this a little bit, please watch this “dust” in the video:


Then I started to educate myself a little bit more on this subject, and it turns out that this is really dangerous to beathe, since it gets into lungs and settles there – the accumulation of it can lead to health problems over time.

To protect myself from this not-so-magic dust, I wear industrial safety equipment, such as a protective gas mask with filters, to avoid any gas or pollutant to get into my mouth or nose.

For safety purpose, my half face gas mask
This is my half face gas mask


Even if the piece I’m working in is really small,I never sand resin without some kind of mask.  On really hot days, I really don’t feel like wearing the half face gas mask – well, I NEVER feel like wearing a mask, but anyway – I use this simple mask, which will not let the dust get into my breathing vias

Simple mask to work with resin
I like it when my indirect materials reflect the hours of use they have had, such as the resin stains in this mask

























Now, I know that this is the least sexy gear I can wear, but I wouldn’t really want this in my lungs; so charm and looks are something I prefer to sacrifice while I work.


Thought it was easy to create jewelry?     It is really rewarding, but definitely not easy!  I will create some more posts on this resin theme, so you can have a better idea of what goes on “behind the scenes”…   And remember, while working with resin, always wear mask!

– Never underestimate handmade –


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